Cupcakes! | Drew & Katie


Katie looked around the kitchen, making sure she had everything out that they would need to make their cupcakes before walking into the living room. Sitting down on the couch beside Drew, she smiled. “Hey Drew, want to come into the kitchen and help me for a bit?” she asked with a smile. Drew had tried to make cupcakes a few days ago but he had burnt them so she decided that she’d teach him how to make cupcakes, if he was up for it. She glanced at the television for a moment before looking at Drew again, waiting for his answer.

Drew was upset that his attempt to surprise his wife with cupcakes had failed due to him burning them. Though on second thought, he figured they wouldn’t turn out good anyways. Katie was the one who knew how to bake, not him. Drew was watching the Cards game on TV since that was his wife’s team and they had MLB Network. Hearing Katie’s voice, he turned in the couch and looked at her. Giving a smile, Drew nodded his head and stood up and walked in to join her. “Ya know I’d love to babe.” He said as he wrapped his arm around her side. Drew rested his head against hers as he looked at everything laid out before them. “What should we do first?”